Acerca do Criador – About the Breeder

Embora a aptidão para trabalhos plásticos se revelasse desde cedo, a verdade é que a carreira militar foi o caminho escolhido, porem alguns anos depois consequência de um acidente tive que me desvincular da carreira militar.

Ficou o caminho em aberto para seguir uma paixão, afinal de contas sempre presente, as artes plásticas, nomeadamente a pintura passando por outras formas tais como instalação, vídeo, fotografia.

A minha vida é bastante ocupada , adoro desportos, nadar, musculação, os meus gatos são outra paixão que felizmente agora posso dedicar mais tempo, há mais de 14 anos que resolvi iniciar a sua criação, e tem me oferecido momentos muito bons de companheirismo, dedicação e beleza sempre presentes neste gato.

Vivo muito feliz com os meus gatos e com todas as outras coisas que faço.

Se gosta de expressão plástica, e arte, visite o meu site e se gostar, vá á minha página do Facebook “Marinho Tavora ” e adicione me como amigo.

Obrigado pela visita


Although the ability to plastic work had a  early revelation, the truth is that a military career was the path chosen, however a few years later following an accident I had to unlink the militar careear.

The path was open to follow a passion, that was always present, the fine arts, including painting through other forms such as installation, video, photography.

My life is pretty busy, I love sports, swimming, weightlifting, and my cats are another passion that thankfully I can now devote more time, more than 14 years ago that I decided to start its breeding, and has given me very good moments of fellowship, dedication and beauty ever present in this cat.

I live very happy with my cats and all the other things I do.

If you enjoy artistic expression and art, please visit my website and if you like, there’s go to my plastic artist Facebook page “Marinho Tavora ” and add me as a friend.

Many thanks for visiting.


2 thoughts on “Acerca do Criador – About the Breeder

  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for providing such an informative website!
    As a specialist in Chartreux Cats, I am hoping you might be able to assist with the following question.

    We searched for a cat companion for our 11 year old chocolate Burmese, who had recently lost her older brother, and found an interesting cat online.

    The cat was advertised as a beautiful 8 year old, male Blue Burmilla.

    We were unfamiliar with this breed but when to meet the cat and immediately fell in love. The cat was so handsome, quite and calm – we purchased him on the spot.

    Through research though, we learned in actual fact, he looks nothing like a Burmilla, but as I found out recently, he has all the characteristics of a Chartreux.

    ” A potato on toothpicks” as one breeder described this breed.
    He has a fabulous very dense, woolly fur, he is massive and strong in body but short legs, he is very gentle and very quiet. The only features that are different than described for the Chartreux, are his eyes. They are not golden or copper, but a very pale grey green.
    My question is, are there Chartreux which do not have yellow or copper coloured eyes?
    We adore him all the same – but just wished to know.

    I would be happy to forward photos of him if you are interested.


    Julia Paisley

    • Dear Miss Juia,

      i am sure your cat is a very nice and handsome cat, but probably not a Chartreux, Chartreux breed only have coper to golden eyes, they can not have any other color to be a real and pure Chartreux Breed cat.
      so i believe maybe is another crossed cat, it would be easier looking to his pedigree were his ancestors of his family are reported, but for you to make the question you making to me, i also believe you do not have this document.
      i hope you still be very happy with him and that you all may live together for long long time.
      Best regards

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